Video Surveillance

RTech Security installs and maintains everything from industry-leading high-definition megapixel to cost-effective standard definition fixed cameras, high-speed dome and integrated positioning systems, explosion proof and advanced thermal imaging camera for the most demanding installations, and more...

Highest-quality at the best prices

RTech Security Solutions prides itself on its ability to provide its customers with the best solutions for their home or business, using only high quality products we can ensure you that you will have a system that will work for you and give you seemless operation for many years.

Having strong relationships with manufacturers enables us to have the best pricing and in turn saves you money.

More than just cameras

Video surveillance is not just about installing cameras on a building, but to use the proper camera in the proper location to do a particular job.

There are a lot of improper installations in the field due to inadequate planning and positioning which result in poor performance.

We understand this, and with our experience and attention to details, we take pride in the quality we bring our customers.

The purpose of video surveillance is to deter and indentify a threat. Whether it is facial recognition or licence plate recognition, Rtech will give you the system you need to acheive your goals.

Products We Trust

Whether you are transitioning from analog to IP video, need to centralize security management, or want to experience the full benefit of intelligent video, Aimetis can meet your needs. Aimetis hardware and software solutions are solving real business issues for customers around the world in a wide spectrum of markets.


Pelco produces the security industry’s most respected offering of discreet camera domes and enclosures, megapixel cameras, IP solutions, next-generation digital video recorders, Full HD LCD displays, video matrix systems, and fiber optic transmission systems for video/data – and much more.

Bosch Security

Bosch Security Systems has a camera for your installation, from basic models to extreme environment models.

Certified Bosch Dealer

Bosch offers a wide range of security, safety, communications and professional sound solutions.